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The Porta
CIRCA 1936 Executive Meeting Room 

“The Porta” – Gateway to insights and outcomes

The Porta
The Porta_edited.jpg

Porta is the Latin word for gate.  It has an anatomical meaning for opening.  Porta also denotes something that is movable.   Importantly it has significant family origins for the owners of CIRCA 1936.   The Spanish heritage of a grandfather who journeyed to north-east Victoria to establish himself and in turn his family.   From passing the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona daily to washing and returning bottles to the wineries in the region is a story on its own.  

The creation of The Porta comes with a passion for strategic thinking and collaborative outcomes.  Enlightenment only comes to those that are willing to allow it - those who wish to enter the gateway.  An opportunity to take the ambiance of CIRCA1936 and all its retained history and combine it with the latest in technology and connectivity lends itself to opening of the mind.   Allow the immovable to move.  To gain insights and outsights that can truly deliver outcomes that weren’t previously considered possible.

Consider your next executive meeting or customer engagement in The Porta and supported by exceptional hospitality offered by CIRCA1936.  Allow yourself the time to experience the region and take in the incredible wine region, a taste of whiskey or indulge in cuisine from renowned chefs that have established themselves nearby.

·       Meeting Room for up to 10-20 PAX (depending on  configuration)

·       Optoma 5651RK 65” Interactive Flat Panel Display

·       Lumens VC-B30U 12 x Optical Zoom PTZ Camera

·       Wall Mount Array Speakerphone

·       Modular Tables to allow flexibility

·       High speed internet

·       Power panel for multiple users

·       Ambiance that retains the CIRCA Hotels brand  

For booking, contact Jen at 02 60335301

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