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CIRCA 1928 - a spa hotel


It took far too long for the former bank building in Dean Street, Albury, with its guardian like columns, to welcome its “soul partner” in terms of a tenant. Now, some 91 years after it was built, CIRCA 1928 – a spa hotel –  fits like hand in glove within the building, on the tree lined “Paris end” of regional Australia’s most stylish city. The third location for CIRCA Hotels is the culmination of a seven year evolution to bring about Australia’s first “spa hotel”, which sees a day spa headlining the offering, ahead of the equally opulent hotel accommodation.

The nine month, basement to ceiling restoration, that has once again been a blank canvas for the unique design that is the hallmark of each CIRCA hotel or spa, sees the five spacious day spa treatment rooms instil the whole property with an ambience that is reflected throughout the commodious hotel suites, the retail area and art gallery. The day spa provides a full range of treatments, including baths in huge hand-beaten copper tubs and the V Spa, where traditional Indonesian “ratus” treatments are provided, exclusively for ladies, either singly or in groups of up to six.

At CIRCA 1928, care for hotel guests goes beyond just great accommodation. It embraces a genuine concern for the well-being of every guest, and as such, almost all hotel tariffs are inclusive of a health oriented breakfast and food and beverage refreshments in the Lounge  between 5pm and 7pm,  special rates on day spa treatments, instructed yoga, pilates or exercise workout and a host of other less than conventional extras.   

CIRCA 1928 aims to strive beyond good and better, to be the best, to deliver "exceptional" with this bold new concept of luxury hotel keeping in Australia – a spa hotel.

Ririn Yaxley