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Day spa's have evolved over the last two millennium, leaving a trail of knowledge from which we can learn. At CIRCA we have taken that knowledge and those lessons and made them relevant to today's world. We have adapted ancient treatments from Indonesia and combined them with products from Li'tya which are based upon Australian aboriginal ingredients to provide you with a complete range of treatments from which to choose.

More complete wellness however, is only achieved when both body and mind are in balance. This balance has become increasingly harder to achieve with today's hectic daily lifestyle, the pressures of career and the expectations of our society. However, we believe that it is inspiration and motivation that provide us with the greatest antidote for overall wellness. To that end, once again we look to the past: to the inspirational personalities of years gone by, our "heroes and she-roes" who confronted what seemed like insurmountable challenges on their pathways to success.


The Heroes and She-roes Spa Menu that we present for you allows you the opportunity to choose a treatment most suited to your needs. At the same time, we urge you while you are at CIRCA to read our "Heroes and She-roes" literature to inspire your mind, and we are most certain that you will leave the tranquil environment of CIRCA with a body that is relaxed and rejuvenated, and a mind that is inspired and motivated, ready to confront what we know is a "Wonderful World", but a world that is challenging, is real and can be daunting.

 ~19th century service, 20th century style and 21st century facilities ~


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