CIRCA 1928 is the first hotel in Australia to join the worldwide initiative of issuing Hotel Bonds. Almost every hotel in the world is experiencing the result of a global shut down in tourism due to the Covid-19 pandemic. By purchasing Hotel Bonds now, you will be assisting these hotels to survive the global slow-down in tourism and ensure that they are able to batten down, support their staff and look forward to welcoming guests again in the future; post Covid-19.

The Hotel Bonds system is simple, transparent and a great deal: with all of the money going directly to the hotel without commissions to outside agents or parties. You purchase hotel bonds directly from the participating hotel.

CIRCA 1928 Hotel Bonds

  • Purchase each individual BOND for $100 and receive a BOND certificate for $150.

  • Purchase multiple BONDS if required.

  • Each BOND can be redeemed at any time AFTER 60 days from the issue date with NO expiry date.

  • BONDS may be used to pay for any services and products at CIRCA 1928 - accommodation, retail or day spa.

  • Simply book accommodation or day spa in exactly the same way as all other bookings.

  • Refunds or partial use of a BOND is not permissible.

  • The same T&C's apply as for all other accommodation and day spa bookings.

  • BONDS cannot be used for specials, already discounted offers or products, or bookings made via non direct booking companies such as Expedia etc.

  • BONDS can only be used at the hotel from which it was purchased.

Simply, buy now and use after 60 days. Essentially you receive a 33% discount or value add. A great deal and a life saver for hotels.

Take the time to also see where in the world you can go in the future with HOTEL BONDS:

Remember, you purchase directly from the hotel concerned.

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