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Our Design Philosophy

To take the clients vision and interpret it so as to create a multi-dimensional unique project that:

  • Is practical, functional and affordable.

  • Appeals immediately to all of the senses.

  • Is relative to the location with a unique story to tell.


Let us create "a different world" for you.

For further inquiries on design projects, contact us at 02 6033 5371 or email us at

From Hoteliers to Designers??

Design by CIRCA is the direct result of demand for what we here at CIRCA have actually designed. The opportunity to express their design ideas on various projects commenced over a decade ago, with Ririn and Kevin accepting the ensuing praise quite lightly, without actually realising that they were inadvertently building a base of knowledge and experience that would one day see them take on the ultimate test of their design skills by committing their own funds to a complete project, CIRCA 1936.
Within days of opening the first CIRCA Hotel the echoes of "wow", "amazing",  "where can I get that" and "who did the interior design" resonated throughout the hotel and the outcome is that CIRCA now offers to its guests and the public an interior design service, as well as an extensive range of the items that make CIRCA so incredibly unique.
Envisioning every space and every item, and then sourcing those items locally or from Indonesia, China and as far away as Europe and Africa, artisans are commissioned to create original, one of art works especially for the respective project and location.
As busy as they are now with managing the rest of the CIRCA operation, they have asceded to the demand and manage to allocate time to continue to source products and work on selected interior design projects.  
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