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CIRCA Hotels was from the outset created with the ambition of establishing an Australasian luxury hotel brand that could be rolled out over time to various regions and cities in Australia, the Pacific and Asia. The first step was to prove our particular concept of a small luxury hotel. Since opening our doors at CIRCA 1936 in Corowa in 2015 we believe that we have evolved our business model to the point where it is evident that our concept is viable, is popular and is ready for further expansion. One element of that expansion involves partnering with other parties who can also see the vision, who do believe in the dream and would like to share the journey, and the potentially amazing future that CIRCA has before it. 

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In the heart of Albury's Dean Street, a building of yesteryears stands tall—a relic of the past with a purpose reimagined. The former Commonwealth Bank building, characterized by its steadfast Ionic columns, has undergone a metamorphosis to emerge as CIRCA 1928, a testament to both history and evolution. With almost a century gone by since its construction, CIRCA 1928 now stands as a harmonious addition to the "Paris end" of Albury, seamlessly blending heritage and contemporary flair in Australia's most stylish regional city.

The visionary journey of CIRCA Hotels spans eight years, culminating in the emergence of CIRCA 1928—a veritable oasis of luxury amidst regional Australia's tapestry. The restoration, a labor of dedication meticulously executed by Kitabisa Design, unfurls a captivating ambience that pervades the expanse of lavish hotel suites, the curated retail space of Kitabisa, and the pampering sanctuary of the CIRCA day spa.

CIRCA 1928 is more than a hotel; it's an embodiment of an ethos. Beyond providing lodgings, we craft an experience—a symphony of thoughtful details. Imagine embracing the day with a nourishing breakfast, indulging in a thoughtfully stocked in-suite mini bar, unwinding with an evening libation, savoring the luxury of Hunter Lab bathroom amenities, benefiting from on-site parking equipped with electric vehicle fast charging*, and a constellation of other privileges. Our commitment is unwavering—to ensure each guest departs with a profound sense of not only experiencing the expected, but also an unparalleled moment sculpted exclusively for them during their sojourn at CIRCA 1928.


circa 1928 Albury

CIRCA 1936, is located on the tree lined main street of Corowa, the “birthplace of Australian Federation”, and housed within the historic art deco environs of the former Rural Bank of NSW. While the bank vault no longer protects the riches that were reaped from the sheep and wheat harvests, CIRCA 1936  does uphold and protect the rich and vibrant story of almost a century in the life of a typical Australian rural town and the stunning architectural features of its heritage building.
As you enter the doors of CIRCA  1936, the stunning pressed metal ceilings and art deco features are only overshadowed by the smiles and warmth of the greeting from the CIRCA staff. Whether it is sitting in the The Lounge beside the bank vault, or enjoying a glass of wine in the bar that now occupies the bank manager’s office, you can imagine the dreams, aspirations, apprehension and heartbreak that the walls have witnessed as customers went about their daily finances. These same walls are no longer witness to the anxiety caused by the pound or the dollar, but to a relaxed and refined atmosphere and features of a luxury hotel: design furniture and stunning art pieces, coffee aromas, plump feather pillows on crisp linen, quality amenities and most importantly genuine hospitality and efficient service. We look forward to welcoming you "to join us for a moment at CIRCA 1936".
19th century service | 20th century style | 21st century facilities


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