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Day Spa

Treat Yourself to a Day Spa

When you need some rest and relaxation, Circa Hotels offers the day spa that you have been searching for. It allows you to get all of the treatments that you desire, from massages to facials.
We have some incredible aestheticians and massage therapists to take care of your needs. We make every experience peaceful and unique. You can explore an organic coffee exfoliation, a traditional Balinese massage, and so much more. Our comprehensive packages can keep you in the spa for hours at a time, offering you cheese platters, glasses of champagne, and much more so that you feel fully pampered. It’s a way to forget about the stress of the world for a few hours.
You have the ability to book online for any of the day spa treatments that you may want. You may also decide to create a full package complete with a stay at one of our hotels.

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