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The Mission

Since deciding to start CIRCA, the ambition has always been to contribute back to the industry that has supported it's founder Kevin Yaxley for his whole career - tourism and hospitality - and to pay tribute to the people who taught him and nurtured that career, such as Freddie Parker, Bob Kuna, Ian Grieve, Alain Lopez and George Constantinou - all amazing people. 
Hence the CIRCA version of a boutique hotel: a version that he believes is more sustainable in the Australia of the 21st century where the challenges and circumstances have changed, and will of course, continue to change: regulations and bureaucracy, wage pressures, cost of living increases, the career aspirations of the younger generation and the changing expectation of guests.
The phrase 19th century service, 20th century style and 21st century facilities certainly defines how CIRCA intends going about presenting its version of hospitality.
Just like the past, it will be one very interesting journey.
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