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As our knowledge, experience and success grow at CIRCA our aspirations for expansion also grow.


Since opening CIRCA 1936 in Corowa almost four years ago, the subsequent launch of CIRCA 1929 in Wagga Wagga and the recent opening of CIRCA 1928 in Albury, we are better able to identify the best opportunities for the next CIRCA property.


To achieve our aspirations and capitalise upon opportunities in a timely manner we need people to partner with us. This partnership can take various forms. You may have an existing property that you would like to convert to a day spa or boutique hotel, or an existing bed and breakfast that you can picture as a CIRCA. You may just want to be a silent partner in a CIRCA property in your town or city or purchase shares in our private company. No idea is too wild for us to consider, or as John Steinbeck wrote: "Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen".

So should you wish to discuss ways in which you can partner with CIRCA, please give us a call at 0451 075 600 or email and we can start from there.

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