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Paddle with Tim Roadley

Tim Roadley is local paddler, instructor and coach that has been paddling on the Murray River and other local waterways for over 10 years. After moving to the area 13 years ago Tim fell in love with the river and paddling and has been instrumental in encourage other people of all ages also enjoy the unique experiences of paddling the Murray.

Tim is the coach and instructor of the Yarrawonga Mulwala Amateur Canoe Club and has been involved in setting up several events and paddling tours in the area. After competing in the Tocumwal Challenge in 2009 Tim Roadley had the idea of holding a multi-sport event on Lake Mulwala and the Murray River that involved four sports, swimming, running, cycling and paddling which has led to the Murray Quad that is held every November. Tim has partner with River Tribe Adventures to set up the Murray River arm of their tour business that offers one on one paddling experience on the Murray River and lakes in the area.

Murray River Region

The Mighty Murray River is located three hours from Melbourne, four hours from Canberra and six and a half hours from Sydney.

The Murray River is often described as an “inland aquatic paradise” and is a haven for water sports such as water skiing, swimming, kayaking and canoeing.

The Moira region (Corowa to Barmah) of the Murray River is affectionately known as the Sun Country because it is blessed with copious amounts of sunshine all year round. The river is also dotted with beautiful sandy beaches and towering red gums, making it the perfect location for a family getaway or that romantic getaway.



  • Pelican Island Sunset Tour – Kyyffins Reserve Lake Mulwala

    • Discover the secret breeding grounds of these magnificent birds and view the spectacular sunset over lake Mulwala

  • Murray River kayak tour – Corowa Rowing Club

    • Soak up the calming river atmosphere as you paddle pass the river gums and enjoy all that the Murray offers.

  • Winery and Wildlife paddle – Lake Moodemere

    • A true adventure that involves paddling on an open lake through stumps and trees on a small creek to finally enjoy a well-deserved wine at the historical Pfeiffer Wines.