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Especially created for men using the world renowned Hunter Lab male product range and our own CIRCA cedarwood and orange male massage oil. Each of our five treatments are named after famous men born in 1928 and are paired with a classic cocktail to enjoy before, during or after your treatment.



To gain the maximum benefit from your treatment we suggest that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment and allow between 15 and 30 minutes afterwards to relax in our Spa Lounge.

Massage choices:

Petrified wood hot stone

Circa Signature

Kodo Australian Indigenous

Deep Tissue

The Stanley Kubrik

'For Those Who Like To Direct The Action’

  • Full body massage OR Hunter Lab anti-aging facial OR combination of both

  • Head massage

  • Revitalise  eye massage

  • Paired Cocktail – Negroni

1 hour 30 minutes | $ 220

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Stanley Kubrick.png
The Bo Didley

'For After A Heavy Night Of Partying'

  • Full body massage

  • Hunter Lab anti-aging facial

  • Restorative eye massage

  • Paired Cocktail – Bloody Mary

2 hour | $300

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Bo Didley.png
The Caped Crussader

'For Those Who Want To Reach New Heights'

  • Body exfoliation

  • Rain Shower or bath

  • Full body deep tissue massage

  • Paired Cocktail – A Manhattan

2 hour | $300

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Adam West.png
The Andy Warhol

'For The Ultimate Extrovert'

  • Body Exfoliation

  • Shower or luxury bath

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Hunter lab anti-aging facial

  • Restorative eye massage

  • Head massage

  • Paired Cocktail – A Martini

3 hour 30 minute | $ 480

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