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What is Kitabisa?

Ririn Yaxley_edited.jpg

Since launching CIRCA back in 2013, one thing that has raised eyebrows and set chins wagging has been the design and decor that is seen throughout each property. Upon seeing the decor, guests invariably ask "who is responsible for the interior design, and where do you source the items". The person responsible is Ririn Yaxley, co-owner and director of CIRCA Hotels, while the products are sourced from many varied locations, including here in Australia, but from as far afield as Morocco, China, Mongolia and Papua New Guinea. Items such as lighting, furniture and the hand made copper bathtubs are sourced from small artisans in Java, Indonesia - Ririns country of birth. Within the Kitabisa Gallery however, the bi-monthly changing artworks are 100% Australian and regional to each hotel.

Having had the opportunity to showcase her talent for design and curating within the CIRCA properties, Ririn ventured down a path that has allowed her to explore many different aspects of design, from fashion to furniture: utilising mediums such as wool, copper and even petrified wood. The name of this design component of CIRCA is Kitabisa, which literally translates to "we can" in Bahasa Indonesia. The thought being that anything is achievable, that design comes in many forms and that talented artists, craftsmen and tradesmen are out there, all searching for an outlet for their creations, and all with the same belief that guides Kitabisa in its design process and sourcing of products, "we can".  

Now, the products of those artisans are on show at the Kitabisa Gallery at CIRCA 1928 in Albury. An eclectic mix of unique pieces that caters for all tastes, where you are bound to find something that appeals, safe in the knowledge that whatever you choose, it is a "one of", invariably old, and with a story behind it, a treasure for today and an heirloom for future generations.

We invite you to visit our gallery or see our online offerings so that you too can own a piece of Kitabisa art or design decor.


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