Whether your ambition is ignited by the thought of owning your own day spa, a luxury hotel, a food and beverage outlet or a variant of any of these, we have a business concept that can leverage upon the CIRCA brand. 

Our CIRCA started back in 2012 when we returned to Australia and decided to take our combined 50 years of hotel experience and create our own little hotel group. The basic business plan was to prove our concept of merging the best aspects of a B&B, a day spa, a retail outlet and a coffee shop into a small luxury hotel, or a "micro-style" hotel as we called it. An Australia wide search was conducted for the first CIRCA and after visiting countless towns and inspecting over a dozen properties, in 2013 we purchased the former Rural Bank building in Corowa, NSW. "Why Corowa?" has been a question that has been asked and answered a thousand times since we started the huge task of taking an almost derelict building and turning it into the stunning property that it now is. Apart from satisfying 12 locational factors that we applied and rationalizing that if the concept would work in Corowa, it would work in numerous other destinations, it was the beauty and potential that we saw in the town and the amazing region that surrounds Corowa. Since opening that first property we believe that our business model is right, and that we have the potential to not only transform a small part of the hotel industry, but to transform many small towns and regional centres, providing job opportunities and careers for locals, as well as providing regional centres with truly world class hospitality venues.

CIRCA 1936 in Corowa now operates under a License Agreement as does CIRCA 1929 in Wagga Wagga.

CIRCA 1928 in Albury which opened in July 2019 will in time be operated under a License Agreement by new operators - is that operator YOU?

Part of the growth plan for our company means continuing to join together with people just  like us, people who have a passion for the hospitality industry and a genuine concern for the conservation of significant and historic buildings. If you are such a person as that and are interested in having your own CIRCA to own and operate or if you currently own an historic building or unique building that would make an ideal CIRCA, have one in your sights or would like to let us develop one for you to operate, then contact us now to inquire about becoming a Member Hotel or Spa, whereby you can own and operate your own independent Hotel or Spa under the CIRCA brand. For full details email:

Current members:

CIRCA 1936 - Corowa

CIRCA 1929 - Wagga Wagga

CIRCA 1928 - Albury