Circa 1936

Upcoming Event


Thursday 2 December


@CIRCA 1936 Art Hotel Corowa


Welcome to COMBINE, an event combining all that our region has to offer, including fine wines from Campbells winery, local whisky from Corowa Whisky and Chocolate, delicious food from The Pickled Sisters and beautiful art by Walla Walla artist Robert Klein-Boonshate.



Welcome to the world of CIRCA. 


Creating a luxury boutique hotel and day spa in Australia is without doubt a substantial and daunting challenge. This is even more so in today's world, where the term luxury has a different meaning from region to region, country to country and generation to generation.

After nine years, lessons are still being learned, inspiration is still being sought and challenges are still being addressed. Since the start of 2020, our business, along with the rest of the world has been forced to face some immense challenges. Here at CIRCA, it has allowed us the opportunity to reassess our operation and ask ourselves where and how we wanted to move forward as the situation evolved, as opportunities presented themselves and our desires became more apparent. Heeding the words of rock icon Bruce Springsteen, "never stray too far from the stuff you do best", we will fine tune our business according to "the new world of opportunity", but the one thing that is certain is that we will always remain committed to the highest levels of excellence in hospitality service and the products we design.

We invite you to visit us here at CIRCA soon. 

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